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    马会彩图库 Buying A Custom Tuxedo Online StudioSuits

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    Dont worry, we didnt change our minds and decide to not wear wedding dresseswere still a two-dress wedding. But, were having a black tie wedding, and we do have some very important men in our lives that needed tuxedos! Since Im obsessed wi

    Don’t worry, we didn’t change our minds and decide to not wear wedding dresses…we’re still a two-dress wedding.

    But, we’re having a black tie wedding, and we do have some very important men in our lives that needed tuxedos! Since I’m obsessed with online shopping and I am very,马会彩图库, very frugal…I knew we could get tuxedos online much cheaper than renting. Most rental tuxedos I’ve seen don’t fit correctly, or bunch strangely, or just look like they’re from the 1980s. We wanted something a bit more couture looking (and properly fitted) for our special boys.

    We found out about StudioSuits on Weddingbee through Miss Fox! I was a little skeptical because their website had broken English, but it seemed legit and a few other bees had ordered from them…so we decided we would too. We ended up ordering four tuxedos from StudioSuits: two for our bridesmen, one for my baby brother, and one for my dad.

    Baby Brother Eagle in StudioSuits Black Wool Tuxedo / personal photo

    I’ve never seen my brother look so dapper! He didn’t even fight me over the bow tie, which I’ve heard from many women,香港六和彩报纸, including Miss Coyote, is a point of contention with some men.

    The process of ordering the suit on StudioSuits was super easy—we just measured him ourselves, exactly how they told us to on the site. We actually didn’t even use a measuring tape—we used some left over ribbon from our save-the-dates, and then measured it out using a ruler. I had my doubts about our measuring method, but it turned out fantastic. Hive, this tuxedo fits him well. It’s nice. It was $175. It was an amazing deal. As long as he stays relatively the same size, this tuxedo will last him for years. With Fiancee Eagle’s step-dad’s tuxedo rental costing over $300, I feel like we got the best deal of all of the wedding purchases we’ve made to date on these custom tuxedos.

    The tuxedo (and vest, and shirt) fit amazingly. I can’t get over how pulled together and grown up my baby brother looks.

    All personal photos

    Tuxedo (and vest): Black Wool Tuxedo by StudioSuits

    Shirt: 50′s Cotton Dress Shirt in Pure White by StudioSuits

    How did you dress the men in your bridal party and family for your wedding? Would you ever order a custom tuxedo online?

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